Our four dogs.🎼one of these things is not like the others”

When Peter and I came together so did our dogs.  The love of dogs and enjoyment of dog training was instrumental in our meeting and connection. 

Let me introduce the pack.

Four Points Kolee  WCX, SH , HRC – Seasoned Hunter – Strider (9 years) is Peter’s handsome boy who was with him through thick and thin in his last years of work and first years of adjusting to retirement.  He is intensely attached to Peter and spends a great deal of the day on guard monitoring Peter’s every move.  He loves the two girl dogs and me, but not the little male cocker Gus.  In Strider’s opinion there is only room for one male dog in his pack.  This means some management on our part which we accept.

OTCH Heads Up Dreams Do Come True  UD, TD, WCX, SH HRC Seasoned Hunter, HRC Upland Hunter – Trula (7 years) is my special girl.  She has done everything that I have ever asked of her, and is my dearest reminder of her sire and my heart dog, Baron.  Trula is a true golden, with love for people and most dogs.  Intelligent, perceptive, hard working and a pleaser.  I could not be luckier to have this girl in my life.

Charmlee’s Niri a Dull Moment  WCI, JH, HRC Started Hunter – Niri (3 years) is Peter’s young girl that he had just acquired when we met.  Niri has the sweetest nature of any dog I have known so far.  She truly loves everyone on two legs or four.  She has taken her time to grow into a working dog, the perfect song for her would be “girls just wanna have fun”.  Peter and I share her training, I have taken on her obedience training and expect to have this big red girl in the Novice ring this fall.


Abitt of Gusto  WS – Gus (2 years).  Before Peter and I joined households I decided to get a working cocker spaniel.  I had wanted one for many years, my grandfather had hunted with them and told me some stories of his time with the cockers.  When I lost Trula’s sire much too young, I could not face replacing him with another golden boy so decided it was time to get my cocker spaniel.  Gus has gifted me with a whole new learning experience and different sporting dog adventures.  Training a cocker is quite a change from the retrievers that I am used to.  There is a finesse to working with the cocker spaniel.  While they are full of drive and incredibly brave they are also very sensitive to corrections.  At this point in my life with dogs I have found this new more thoughtful and organic conversation very appealing.  We are at the beginning Gus and I, it’s been an interesting journey so far with many more miles to go. Unfortunately Gus’s structure is not as good as it should be so field trialing will not be part of our work together.
While we were in Greece I was told that the Greek language has no word for “too much”, “too many”.  And so on that note we have decided to add just one more to our pack.  If I wasn’t retired now, another Cocker Spaniel wouldn’t have been possible. This will be the first pup that Peter and I will raise together.  Introducing…!

Salmon Creek’s Nymph Calisto. (9 weeks) Calli is our new addition that we will pickup when we return home in a week. I had planned on a pup from a Salmon Creek litter that will be ready in June but this little girl came up from the breeding that I was very interested in. While I prefer to have the pup at 7 or 8 weeks, I believe Calli will be worth getting a little later because of our trip. Her breeder will continue to work with her and her sister that she is keeping until we arrive. Can’t wait to get my hands on this sweet little Cocker Spaniel girl.


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